8 Tips for Keeping Your Loved Ones Involved After Moving into Senior Living

Sinceri Tips for Keeping Your Loved Ones Involved After Moving into Senior Living

Moving into senior living is a great way for seniors to enjoy their retirement, but it can also be a bit daunting. Leaving the familiarity of a family home to start a new life in senior living can bring about feelings of loss, fear, and sometimes abandonment which can make moving into senior living a difficult time for everyone. Before moving a loved one to senior living, prepare for the transition by learning ways to keep them involved with their families and their new community.

8 Tips for Keeping Your Loved Ones Involved after Moving into Senior Living

1. Plan regular visits

Staying close to a loved one after moving into senior living will help them feel they are loved and valued rather than abandoned so regular visits are a comforting way to help them stay involved. At first, a daily visit may be needed, but as time goes by and they become more in tune with the community, fewer visits will likely be enough. In the interim, regular visits will keep the family abreast of how their loved one is transitioning and help them address concerns before they become problems.

2. Organize family events

Another way to keep seniors involved is to organize family events so they can spend time with everyone they love. For example, summertime family barbeques and picnics are great ways to engage seniors and holidays also offer a variety of fun ways to help them stay involved in family throughout the year. For more ideas to include seniors after moving into senior living the greatseniorliving.com article, “Fun Activities for Seniors: Over 100 Ways to Play” is a great guide.

3. Get to know the neighbors

Moving into senior living means having new neighbors to meet and just reaching out to a loved one’s neighbors is a great way to break the ice and help them integrate and get involved. Many senior living communities also have welcoming committees and staff ready to spend time with new residents to help them get acclimated. As noted in our blog, “Independent Living: An Opportunity to Thrive After Retirement,” making new friends is the best way to banish isolation and live life to the fullest.

4. Assist with decorating their new home

Decorating a new home can be a great catalyst for keeping seniors involved after moving into senior living. Choosing paint colors, new accent pieces like rugs, pillows and art, arranging furniture and just spending time together will go a long way toward easing the transition. For more tips on smoothing the move into senior living check out our blog, “Help Your Parent Feel at Home When They Move to Assisted Living.”

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5. Help them find a purpose

Having a purpose is key to aging well so helping a loved one research new ways to find fulfillment is a great way to keep them involved. According to the psychologytoday.com article, “4 Secrets to Finding Purpose and Community After Retirement,” the freedom of moving into senior living is just the ticket to reload and find ways to make life gratifying and purposeful. At Sinceri we provide the structure for residents to pursue new and enriching avenues whether it’s through volunteering, life-long learning, new hobbies, or other long-awaited bucket list goals.

6. Encourage participation in activities and events

Moving into senior living offers a variety of fun activities and events designed to banish boredom and keep seniors at the top of their game. As described in our blog, “Thriving Together: The Social and Emotional Benefits of Assisted Living Communities,” each is designed to foster socialization which in turn bolsters good mental and physical health. Among the many choices are exercise classes, games, arts and crafts, speakers and entertainers, gardening, excursions, and other fun pastimes.

7. Help them host a get-together

A great way for seniors to get involved is to entertain after moving into senior living. They not only get to show off their new freshly decorated home but hosting can also help them regain a sense of control that may have been lost in the move. Get tips on entertaining in thekitchen.com article, “I Downsized My Home, but Not My Parties — How to Host Big Fun in a Small Space.”

8. Respect their limits and preferences

Keep in mind that moving into senior living can be a huge change for seniors so while encouraging them to get involved, recognize that they have the right to make choices that suit them. Some may need longer to make the transition or have preferences that differ from a family’s expectations. To get a better idea of how to provide support, the greatsenioryears.com article, “What to Say to Encourage the Elderly – Uplifting Words Guide,” can help.

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