Companion Living

Companion Living is not just an apartment option.

It’s the perfect combination of friendship, safety, and home.

  • Seniors have always had a Companion to share life with a parent, sibling, roommate, spouse… Studies have shown the need of social interaction is critical to seniors’ well- being.
  • Companion Living provides more frequent opportunities for personal interaction with our staff.
  • Provides companionship for your loved one, family members may also establish relationships with one another.
  • Helps support programming by companions encouraging each other for engagement in activities.
  • Companion Living provides not only a sense of friendship, but security and reassurance.

''I find the facility very clean and has great views. I like the layout so residents can walk without coming to the end of a hall. The staff has been very helpful and keeps me informed of my loved one and her needs.''
Kathy Joseph Google
''I am so proud to be part of this community!! Nothing but love, kindness and understanding!!''
Leslie Brotherton Facebook
''This is a nice safe place for you or your loved one. It is a little different in the fact that everyone has a roommate. They have activities for the residents like games and more to keep them busy. The staff are also very friendly.''
Anonymous Senior Advisor

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