Floor Plans

At Aspen Ridge, we emphasize the comfort of a homelike environment, designed to be nurturing and familiar. We encourage each resident to incorporate favorite comforts of home into their accommodations, making each room personal and unique to your loved one. Common areas are warm and welcoming, encouraging our residents to visit and relax in many of the comfortable areas throughout the community. View our different floor plan layouts below.

Companion with Shared Bath

Approximately 452 S.F. Average

Private Room with Private Bath

Approximately 276 S.F. Average

''I find the facility very clean and has great views. I like the layout so residents can walk without coming to the end of a hall. The staff has been very helpful and keeps me informed of my loved one and her needs.''
Kathy Joseph Google
''I am so proud to be part of this community!! Nothing but love, kindness and understanding!!''
Leslie Brotherton Facebook
''This is a nice safe place for you or your loved one. It is a little different in the fact that everyone has a roommate. They have activities for the residents like games and more to keep them busy. The staff are also very friendly.''
Anonymous Senior Advisor

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