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Discover Your Ideal Balance of Freedom and Support With Customized Assisted Living

We all deserve to find our perfect personal blend of freedom and security. At Sinceri, that’s exactly what our assisted living communities provide to our valued residents. Our assisted living community members receive customized support and specialized care, designed to help them thrive and access their best quality of life. If your loved one needs more assistance to enjoy their days in safety, comfort, and ease—we are here to offer them everything they need to live their best life. Our expert caregivers take the time to get to know them and offer them respectful care that honors their preferences and empowers them to feel both independent and secure.

Our array of signature programs and activities foster meaningful social connections, while encouraging our assisted living residents to reconnect with their purpose and unlock energy reserves to enjoy life again on their terms. If this sounds like the life you imagine for your loved one with increasing daily needs—we’d love to welcome you to visit and learn more about our Sinceri collection of top-quality assisted living communities.

Why Choose Assisted Living With Sinceri Senior Living?

Assisted living is the ideal level of senior living and care for those who benefit from personalized assistance and support to live in safety, comfort, and style, while also promoting peace of mind with the availability of additional services should the need arise. From seniors who are largely independent to those who require consistent help with their daily routines—assisted living is designed to cater to the needs of a wide range of individuals and to offer them the care they need to stay healthy, happy, and well. At Sinceri Senor Living, we’re dedicated to offering our assisted living community members specialized care that’s specifically tailored to each resident’s unique personality and needs.

From personalized support with their activities of daily living to ample enrichment opportunities to enjoy, from social events to a dining experience to savor—your loved one will receive everything they need to enjoy life to the fullest at Sinceri Senior Living. Our assisted living communities offer exemplary service in exceptional environments, designed to ensure all our residents thrive.

What’s offered at Sinceri assisted living communities?

Does your loved one require support with their bathing and dressing? What about medication management? Could they benefit from reminders to eat meals on time, or from more opportunities to connect socially with their same-aged peers? If so, transitioning them into a Sinceri assisted living community may be the ideal option for you. Assisted living with Sinceri is designed to cater to the unique daily needs of the residents we’re honored to serve. When your loved one calls a Sinceri assisted living community home, we’ll dedicate ourselves to making their everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

What Services May Be Included

Our signature customizable assisted living menu of services may include—

— Licensed nurse on staff
— 24 hour licensed supervision
— Guest services
— Medication services
— Balanced meals and special diets
— Registered dietician consultation
— All utilities other than phone
— Coffee bar/snacks available 24 hours day
— Leisure activities 7 days a week
— Full service beauty salon

View our full list of communities for location-specific services and amenities. Or connect directly with our team for expert advice and support. *Services and amenities vary by community*


Specialized Programming For Assisted Living Residents

Life at Sinceri assisted living communities is about so much more than just getting the daily support needed to live in safety and comfort. Our residents also enjoy an array of signature programs and activities to promote life enrichment. Because we believe life is so much more than just getting by—that’s why we’re dedicated to offering our valued assisted living residents the very best in exclusive programs and activities to enjoy. Our Sinceri assisted living and independent living community members gain access to our signature Life Enrichment program. This comprehensive offering is designed to address four key dimensions of wellness in our residents, thereby enhancing their overall health and wellbeing. The four foundational cornerstones of our Life Enrichment program are—

1. Life Experiences

We learn about each resident as a unique individual, using our Resident Interest Profile. This helps us develop programming that’s individualized and customized, capturing each resident’s unique personal interests, hobbies, and needs.

Our Resident Interest Profile also helps us to facilitate conversations and connections between residents who share common interests and backgrounds. This helps to promote social engagement.

2. Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning has many important benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Our Life Enrichment Program offers several monthly opportunities to foster lifelong learning in our assisted living residents.

We continually enhance our menu of offerings through guest speakers, fine arts programs, and educational series, and involve our community members in planning.

3. Enriching the Lives of Others

Serving the needs of others can enhance our own sense of belonging and purpose, while making a positive impact on the world. That’s why our signature Sincerely, Sinceri Life Enrichment Program is invested in contributing to our outside community both locally, nationally, and even globally.

Each year, through Sincerely, Sinceri, we develop monthly outreach projects that each community uses to create a unique plan for giving back.

4. Creating New Experiences

We empower our assisted living residents to share their goals and dreams with us so that we can create programming and experiences to help them realize their visions.

Involving residents allows us to partner with them to enhance their engagement in cherished hobbies, the discovery of passions, and the ability to create wonderful new memories to share with friends and families.

Is Assisted Living The Right Option For You?

Deciding upon senior living and selecting the ideal senior lifestyle level for yourself or a loved one can feel like a daunting task. Sinceri is here to help with our senior living survey tool. This quick survey can help you choose the right level of senior living for your goals and needs.

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