Companion Living

Companion Living is not just an apartment option.

It’s the perfect combination of friendship, safety, and home.

  • Seniors have always had a Companion to share life with a parent, sibling, roommate, spouse… Studies have shown the need of social interaction is critical to seniors’ well- being.
  • Companion Living provides more frequent opportunities for personal interaction with our staff.
  • Provides companionship for your loved one, family members may also establish relationships with one another.
  • Helps support programming by companions encouraging each other for engagement in activities.
  • Companion Living provides not only a sense of friendship, but security and reassurance.

Aging Experience

Using Engagement, Reflection and Education to transform our approach to Resident Care

At Sinceri Senior Living we believe it is our privilege and honor to care for the aging population in our communities. As our residents age in place, we understand that certain challenges may arise that can affect both physical and cognitive abilities. We strive to continually educate our teams and families on the aging process, including what it might be like when living with diminished abilities. Aging Experience is part of this process.

In addition to simulating what it might be like for our residents who are experiencing these challenges, our Aging Experience program aids in team building. Most importantly, this program creates a community and family connection, best serving our residents through an empathetic approach to care.

Our Aging Experience program engages our team and families in a meaningful way so that they maintain a sense of empathy and empowerment, making a positive change!

''My mom is a resident at Cedar Ridge Alzheimer's Special Care Center and her experience at this facility has been good. They are excellent at this facility, mom has been here for almost one year. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. They offer balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. Even the coordinators are awesome and are very sweet to the residents. I would recommend this facility to family and friends.''
''The community is competent and friendly. The staff was very good to work with if I had some questions over my loved one. Our time at the community was during the pandemic. I can't think of anything I would change about the community.''
Anonymous Senior Advisor
''The facility itself is a very nice for someone that is aging, also we are very impressed with the longevity of the staff members there. Everyone who works there has been there for forever. It is just the perfect place for our mom.''
Anonymous Senior Advisor
''My grandmother has improved immensely since moving to Cedar Ridge!''
Luza Google

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