Continuing the Journey to Memory Care

Choosing the right community for long-term care is not a decision that can be taken lightly or made without great consideration. It is important that residents, and you – family and loved ones – feel confident our staff and management teams know your collective history and the resident’s life story.

When you’re interviewing and getting to know the team from one of our Sinceri Senior Living communities, much of this conversation happens during a follow-up ‘home visit’.  After you’ve toured the community and had initial in-person meetings, the visit to your home environment better informs our staff of the resident’s needs, likes, dislikes, and helps cultivate the start of a true partnership between staff and families.

It’s during these visits we are able to talk in more depth about JEA’s overall approach to Memory Care and an opportunity for us to bring a Meaningful Moments item to them through an interaction that’s reflective of their life story as well as answer any additional questions you may have.

Also, since diet and nutrition are such an important factor in a resident’s overall health, staff will sometimes bring special ingredients and prepare a snack during home visits. It’s a great time for families to share any food sensitivities the resident may have, religious or cultural considerations that need to be made etc. And, I think we can all agree any time spent together having conversations are best when done around a table with delicious, homemade snacks.

So grab the phone, find the JEA community in your area (see list here) and make an appointment to let us share more info with you in person!

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