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At Edgewood Point, we provide an activity program that is uniquely designed for the residents in our community. We believe quality of life is enhanced by listening to music, singing, baking, and creating art. Exercise and pet visits are also an important part of the daily routine. Friends and family are always welcome to participate.

''It was an eye opener. It is so beautiful and the staff are so friendly and caring. It felt like being in a palace. My current living place is night and Edgewood point is day. I tell everyone to go there. I'm telling staff to go there and work. I'd reccomend it for anyone who is searching for an assisted living.''
Trish Dedmon Google
'I have been with the company for over a decade and loved working with my residents and co-worker. The staffs and residents here are friendly and easy to get along with. I enjoy the most when having a 1:1 with a resident and put a smile on their face and joking around. That's makes me happy seeing my residents happy.''
Mary Her Google

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