Finding a New Sense of Purpose in Retirement

Moving to a senior living community can renew someone’s sense of purpose in retirement. That’s if the community they’re moving to has programs that help them do that. 

Here are some things we do at Sinceri Senior Living Communities to help our residents fill their days with meaning and purpose. 

Planned activities 

We offer a wide range of activities that will pique almost anyone’s interest. One of the advantages of moving to a senior living community is that it’s easier to maintain an active lifestyle than when living alone. If you want to see how a family member settles in after moving to one of our senior living communities, you can track how active they are through our online activity calendar. We use the same app to share photos and videos with families so that they can get a better sense of what day-to-day community life looks like for their relative.  

Volunteer opportunities 

Many of our residents find purpose in volunteering within our communities. This might involve taking on a responsibility like   

  • advisory council member (dining or life enrichment) 
  • village council member 
  • bingo caller 
  • librarian 
  • walking club leader 
  • coffee klatch captain 
  • editorial committee member for the resident newspaper 
  • new resident welcome ambassador 

Download our Complete Guide to Choosing Between Senior Living Options to help you decide.   

New experiences 

In retirement, people often derive a lot of enjoyment from travel. But if they’re experiencing health and/or mobility issues, travel may now be a problem or at least more of a hassle than it used to be. Our virtual reality programming allows residents to travel the world and experience music, historical sites, museums and more. 

Making sure they’re tuned into what’s going on around them  

One thing that can hold people back from participating in community life is not being able to hear everything that’s going on around them. As we get older, our hearing tends to deteriorate. But a surprisingly small number of older people with hearing impairments wear hearing aids. And when they can’t hear other people properly, they may begin to withdraw from social situations. 

In order to overcome this problem, we provide residents with special headsets that allow them to hear what’s being said during community activities. These same headsets can be used during family visits. It makes a huge difference. 


Not sure which senior living option will suit your family member best? Our Complete Guide to Choosing Between Senior Living Options will help you decide.   

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