Inclement Weather Readiness

Across the country, Sinceri Senior Living communities keep your loved one safe during times of inclement weather.  Rest assured, we have planned and practiced for multiple weather events, both expected and unexpected. We provide regular continuing education on emergency and disaster preparedness for our team members, and our residents. Families can refer to our Disaster & Emergency Plan Manual for detailed information on our policies.

We equip our communities with all essentials needed for disaster preparedness, including extra food, emergency supplies and back-up power generators. Our teams put residents’ safety first, and remain on site to weather the weather, whatever the weather may be!

Providing an Ever-Present Comfort

The most reassuring aspect of your loved one living in a JEA community? This person so dear to you will never have to be alone or frightened—we are always there to ensure their safety, and just as importantly, to be a constant and comforting presence in uncertain times of any kind, including inclement weather. 

Winter Storms and Summer Heat

Our facilities are well-built and well-maintained to ensure your loved one’s comfort. From keeping gutters clear to caulking windows, maintaining furnaces and air conditioning, we work diligently to keep our residents warm in winter and comfortably cool during hot spells. We take care of all the necessary chores so your loved one never needs to worry! Please ask if you have any questions about specific weather preparations. 

Hurricane Season

Our communities monitor the weather to track impending storms, and are always at the ready to execute a detailed checklist when an impending threat arises. Equipment, such as drainage pumps and back-up generators, is regularly tested for optimal function. Team members stay with residents to ride out the storm together. Once the storm has passed, assessment of damage is swift, and clean up begins, thanks to our advance planning with contractors. 

Tornado Watch

Tornados are unpredictable, and constant readiness is essential. JEA communities are prepared at all times for the unexpected. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the average lead-time for tornado warnings is just 13 minutes. Should a tornado damage a community, we have made arrangements to safely transport residents to a nearby hotel to stay, at no cost, until repairs are made or other comparable living arrangements are secured.

Evacuation Preparedness

While our facilities and staff are prepared for weather events of all kinds, we also have evacuation plans in place at each community. We are prepared to relocate to a sister community, hotel or another community in the safest location possible. Staff members remain with residents to provide comfort and assist with medications, mobility needs, dietary restrictions and other requirements to ensure our residents’ utmost safety.   

We want to do everything we can to assure your peace of mind while your loved one is in our care. Should you have any questions about our emergency and disaster preparedness planning, please contact

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