JEA Community, Royal Columbian, has their own ‘Artist-in-Residence’

Meet Carol Webb. Carol lives at Royal Columbian Retirement Inn. Nestled in between the beautiful grounds of Columbia Park Trail and Lawrence Scott Park, her community is surrounded by the lush, green outdoor areas that can only be found in Washington state.

Having a true gift of connecting with people, Carol spent many of her earlier years as a Marketing Executive and worked in Advertising. With a big personality and a deep, practical understanding of consumers, she was extremely passionate about the companies she worked for. Even though she’s retired now, she’s can’t stop thinking and working that brilliant business mind.

This happy, little giraffe is just one of many sketches Carol has drawn and given to Royal Columbian Administrator, Robert Ogilvie, in hopes he will use it as a marketing tool to tell others what a great community they share.

Program Director, Katie Haynes, says “Carol has such energy and passion in regards to working with her art. She regularly shares wonderful marketing ideas with our team as content for us to use.  She says she loves living at Royal Columbian and wants to contribute to letting others know what a wonderful community it is. The intent of her little animal characters is that they are speaking for those who live in here and sharing how great it is.”

The sketch of the spotty giraffe was accompanied by a note with recommended marketing copy.

“Does retirement have you seeing spots? Well, Royal Columbian Retirement Inn has a cure for you. Come and join your new friends in our dining room. We are here to help you. All of our good food will help you relax — just for you we have music, movies and bingo.  Anything you like, we’ll do everything for you.” -Carol Webb

If Carol was on Twitter, we would have re-tweeted her and added a #SpotOn hashtag.

After suffering a stroke, most days leave Carol bed-ridden and only able to join us for meals. No matter what is happening though, she always has pencils and charcoal scattered all over her bedside table. Creative, right-brain people can likely relate to this. Sometimes, just seeing – out of the corner of your eye – the objects that bring you peace and serenity can brighten your entire day.

Carol sketched this one of two little girls quickly one afternoon while in the activity room during a Poetry Corner session at Royal Columbian:

“This is for our childhood companions that we shared our youth with.  We learned to love nature together. We miss our friends from the past, but make new ones now in retirement.  Thank you for a special day at Royal Columbian Retirement Inn.  Love Carol”

Carol went to the University of Washington where she studied art. She loves drawing and painting but has been really into colored pencils lately. In addition to being in marketing, She also spent years as a commercial artist and even spent time as a juvenile counselor for the State.

“I’m very glad to be alive after the stroke. I have a great love for nature and art and life. I try to work for the benefit of all.” Carol says.

“As God’s creatures listen to the music, we thank God for his company everyone have a blessed day.  Love Carol”

Everyone at Royal Columbian thanks YOU Carol for your kind heart and talent to bless people with your art.

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