Sinceri Senior Living announces partnership with Sagely, to enhance resident programming and exclusive Meaningful Moments® programming

VANCOUVER, Wash., May 07, 2021

Sinceri Senior Living (JEA), a leader in providing quality senior living housing and services ranging from Independent Living, Assisted Living, and specialized standalone Memory Care communities announced today that they have made a strategic partnership with Sagely that will further enhance their exclusive Meaningful Moments® programming.

Sagely is a platform for programming and resident engagement leaders that allows them to streamline communication to their residents and resident families, thus freeing up more time to do what matters: create purposeful engagements and make a positive impact in the lives of their residents.

Sagely currently serves over 500 senior living communities, 46,000 residents, and 15,000 families across the United States through their Family App, Digital Calendar Displays, and Resident Profile resources.

Vice President of Programming at Sinceri Senior Living, Kayla Wersal, had this to share about JEA’s resident programming and engagement goals, “At JEA, we seek to provide meaningful engagement that supports our residents holistically, exceeds industry standards and encompasses the 5 cornerstones of our Meaningful Moments® program: Purposeful Programming, Family Partnerships, Innovation and Wellness, Signature Dining, Education and Retention. For our team members, Sagely is helping to streamline our process which will allow us more quality time with our residents and families. We view this as a win all around.”

The Sagely platform will allow Sinceri Senior Living to capture Meaningful Moments® in real-time and share these experiences with resident families and friends via their Family App and text/email communication features. This connectedness is especially important in JEA’s Memory Care communities, where residents may not be able to articulate or recall the programming and activities that they participated in during the day.

Kayla shared a bit about Sagely’s value for JEA’s Memory Care residents and families, “By focusing on a resident’s remaining abilities we empower them to function safely within their environment and thrive, by living at their highest possible potential. Our Meaningful Moments® memory care program is designed to merge purposeful programming with purposeful living. As our resident’s progress in their disease process, our specialized programming meets them where they are and creates Meaningful Moments® for them, no matter their disease stage.

Through Sagely’s attendance/participation tracking, Sagely can alert us early on to changes in a resident’s engagement, which allows us to adjust their individual programming accordingly. We know we cannot yet cure Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, but through purposeful programming we can slow the progression of the disease.”

Speaking to the benefits for all of their service lines, (Independent Living, Assisted Living, and specialized standalone Memory Care communities), Kayla continued, “Sagely will also be an incredible resource for residents and families at all of our communities. We carefully selected Sagely, because their team values the same things that we value at JEA: residents, family, and caregivers.

Sagely’s commitment to training, wellness assessments, and their family app all align beautifully with our Meaningful Moments® cornerstones of “Education and Retention”, “Innovation and Wellness”, and “Family Partnerships”. Partnering with Sagely equips our Program Directors at each community with the tools needed for success.”

Hollie Kemp, Chief Operating Officer, had this to share about Sagely’s partnership with Sinceri Senior Living, “At Sagely we continually seek innovative partners committed to serving Seniors. JEA is one of those partners. We are thrilled to support their tremendous work in Senior Living.

JEA is committed to “Caring Together”. We at Sagely are thrilled to support “together” through the connectivity provided via our family, resident, and community apps. The interconnectedness that Sagely provides via its apps, platform, and digital signage will empower JEA to keep everyone connected, engaged, and informed through seamless integration and state-of-the-art technology. We will feel together no matter how far apart people may be.

JEA and Sagely are both on a mission to keep families connected, and to provide peace of mind to those they serve- no matter the distance. Much like Sagely, at the heart of what JEA does is Seniors and their families. The organizations share real synergy in their passion to care and connect, and we could not be more thrilled to work with such a committed partner.”


Kayla Wersal
Sinceri Senior Living


About Sinceri Senior Living
JEA is a family of companies that focuses on the development and management of senior living communities, across service lines of Independent Living, Assisted Living, and specialized standalone Memory Care communities. The company and its founders date back to the early 1970s and have overseen the development and operation of independent living communities, assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities, and Alzheimer’s special care centers. JEA’s current portfolio includes more than 49 communities led by an experienced management team with experts in care, nursing, development, finance, construction, marketing, and comprehensive management.

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