JEA Senior Living is now Sinceri Senior Living


JEA Senior Living is proud to announce that we have changed our name to Sinceri Senior Living. This change was driven by a desire to refine our brand image and communications to better express our strengths, values and offerings. The new name reflects the sincere and familial culture cultivated by our innovative programming and dedicated staff.

Why Did We Rebrand?

Our company was founded 35 years ago as JEA Senior Living. JEA were the initials of our founder who lost his mother to Alzheimer’s disease. For decades, we have provided unique and effective memory care offerings in a supportive and familial environment. The rebrand reflects our commitment to the responsiveness of our operations and willingness to adopt new technologies and methods of care to continue providing the highest level of service to our residents. We also plan to expand our offerings to include assisted and independent living in order to serve more of our nation’s aging adults and offer a more holistic continuum of care. 

“Since the company was founded, there have been countless changes in our industry and around the world,” said CEO Chris Belford. “With the evolution of senior living and a new generation aging into its services, we carefully evaluated the opportunity of a rebrand to better fit how our company, too, has grown and evolved over the last 35+ years.”
Chris Belford, CEO

What Did the Process Entail?

To be sure that the new name and brand identity were developed using a proven process and designed to best communicate the strengths and differentiating factors of the company, we enlisted the help of senior living marketing and branding experts Big Buzz. The Denver-based marketing agency works extensively with senior living operators nationwide and has developed market-tested processes for renaming and brand development.

Creating our New Name

Big Buzz and our executive team, along with our brand ambassadors, conducted several brainstorm sessions to identify the words, thoughts and concepts that would best guide the naming process. Next, the Big Buzz team employed their marketing expertise to generate a list of potential names in four potential categories: functional, personal, brand core/generic and brand core/evocative. A strong brand core/evocative name evokes an emotion, ties back to the differentiators for which the organization is best known and truly edges out the competition. We considered more than 300 contenders! After comparing Big Buzz’s list of potential names with that of our team, three final contenders (all in the brand core/evocative category) moved on to the final phase of the decision process. From there, our team voted on their first and second choices. 

Sinceri Senior Living emerged victorious!

Creating our Brand Messaging

Big Buzz used its proven data- and research-driven process to illuminate the new brand messaging and communications. The agency collected voice-of-the-customer data as well as input from our own employees. Extensive surveys were conducted among employees, residents and family members from across our many locations. This ensured the new messaging was rooted in truth and reflected the actual experiences of those who live and work in our communities. The process revealed our strongest differentiators, or what it was about our offerings that made people choose our communities. This process allowed us to avoid hyperbole or false claims by using the actual language of our stakeholders to articulate what defines us as a company.

This new identity and brand messaging will deepen our commitment to providing exemplary service and care to those who live in our communities, as well as enhance the vibrant and family-like culture enjoyed by staff and residents alike. It will also help us better express these wonderful realities to those who may consider a Sinceri Senior Living community as a new home for themselves or a loved one.

If you would like to learn more about our rebrand and what it means, please contact Missy Day, Vice President Marketing and Communication at

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  • Hi, my Mom is at Sugar Creek in Normal, IL. Is there any impact we should prepare for because of the name change?

  • What is going on with this facility? My mom has been a resident there and the care has gone way down. I would like a phone call to discuss.


  • Yes my mom has dementia and I’m looking around for a good placement so she can get the help she need could you please contact me with info

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