Job Search Tips: Finding Positions in Senior Living

If you’re considering work in senior living, you might be surprised at the number of opportunities available. It’s a rewarding career that not only offers many benefits but one where you can actually make a difference in others’ lives.

To assist in your efforts, the following job search tips may provide guidance to help you discover your role in the world of senior living.

The benefits of a senior living job

You might already be aware of the many benefits available but the following are a few advantages you’ll discover:

1. Job security

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, all baby boomers will be age 65 and older in 2030, which translates to 1 in 5 residents. By 2034, older people will outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history. The increasing numbers of those needing assistance to age well ensures senior living jobs will remain in demand.

2. Engaging with others

If you enjoy work that involves being around other people, working in a senior living community is a perfect opportunity. You will enjoy the added benefit of conversations, laughter and insight into several important life lessons.

3. Making a difference

When working with seniors you’ll know you are personally making a difference in their lives. A senior living job directly impacts the daily life of a resident and you will immediately see the results of your work.

4. Providing an essential connection

You will play a vital role and become the familiar face that residents and their families can rely on for assistance, information and reassurance. You may also be the first to notice changes in health or behavior in a resident and can alert the appropriate team member.

5. Learning from amazing teachers

A senior living job allows you to benefit from the wealth of knowledge that the residents possess. You’ll have daily access to the wisdom that comes with aging through their experiences and life lessons on how to age gracefully, adapt to inevitable changes and appreciate the gifts of life.

Top suggestions to help find the right senior living position

Ready to begin looking for the perfect senior living job? We’re here to help. Consider these job search tips to get you off on the right start:

1. Decide what type of work would suit you best

The first senior living job search tip is to consider the right position for you:

  • Clinical care positions
  • Caregiving
  • Companionship
  • Activities and fitness
  • Occupational and physical therapy
  • Hospitality
  • Food service
  • Housecleaning
  • Maintenance

2. Ask about growth opportunities

Search for communities who support advancement. Ask about the possibilities available and whether training or education is offered to promote your professional development.

3. Look for communities who support their employees

Top level communities recognize it takes a team effort to provide the highest level of care. Look for those who encourage their employees and recognize their contributions.

4. Match your goals with the leadership philosophy

Understand the philosophy of a community’s leadership and make sure it aligns with your own. Ensure their mission statement, goals and focus create a healthy and stimulating work environment.

5. Look for communities who empower their employees

Communities that don’t require a top-down decision process when unnecessary empower their employees to resolve daily problems or issues whenever possible. This is a signal that they value the staff, their knowledge and expertise.

6. Ensure the community offers competitive wages and benefits

Take pride in the work and dedication you offer and research ahead of time the average pay rates. Factor in any added benefits such as retirement contributions, paid vacation and sick leave, insurance and educational opportunities.

Job search tips when you’re ready to apply for senior living positions

Consider these practical suggestions when it’s time to begin filling out applications.

Job search tip #1: Write and polish your resume

Look for examples of creating an effective resume and ask a trusted source to review yours.

Job search tip #2: Spread the word

An often-overlooked job search tip, let your network know you’re looking for work in senior living. You never know who they may know.

Job search tip #3: Check national and community websites for openings

Check senior living job boards and make it part of your daily routine. Sign up to be notified when new positions become available.

Job search tip #4: Review university and college job boards

Check job boards regularly at schools who offer training for senior living jobs.

Job search tip #5: Take advantage of these sources

Regularly check job boards for these senior living and social media resources and sign up for notifications whenever possible.

Joining the team at Sinceri Senior Living

Sinceri Senior Living specializes in independent living, assisted living and memory care, fostering deep bonds between those who live and work in our communities – just like families.

We extend our commitment in creating this welcoming environment to our employees who form strong relationships with the residents and their coworkers. In fact, many of our team members think of the community they work in as their second home because of such strong connections.

The caregiver’s role is to first make our residents feel safe and secure. We strive to ensure everyone we hire is generous, compassionate and as committed as we are to provide excellent service at every opportunity.

We understand the stress that caregivers can experience and the challenge in trying to stay one step ahead of what a resident or family member might need or desire. We fully support their efforts as it truly takes a team to provide quality senior care.

If you’re interested in becoming a care partner with Sinceri Senior Living as we strive together to exceed expectations, we hope you’ll be in touch.

We also invite you to download our complimentary guide, Simple Self-Care for Caregivers and CNAs: 6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself so You can Care for Others, which includes helpful tips and steps you might try.

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