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At Lancaster Grove, we provide an activity program that is uniquely designed for the residents in our community. We believe quality of life is enhanced by listening to music, singing, baking, and creating art. Exercise and pet visits are also an important part of the daily routine. Friends and family are always welcome to participate.

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``Lancaster Grove Senior Living is a wonderful place! Everything about the facility and staff has been beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend this facility to others.``
Anonymous A Place for Mom
``This is an excellent facility with great caregivers who prioritize the comfort, enjoyment of life, and dignity of the seniors they care for.``
Walter Collins Google
``They have always been there for me - even after hours at times. So willing to help in any way possible. Compared to where my mom came from, there is no comparison. Top notch in my opinion. It's the cleanest I have ever seen. My mom has been in the hospital a little over 2 weeks and they drove to CMC in Charlotte to see her - a good hour drive. Always there for me whenever I call.``
Anonymous A Place for Mom

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