Meaningful Moments Cornerstones: Family Partnerships

Meaningful Moments Cornerstones Family Partnerships

JEA’s Meaningful Moments® program is the foundation of our care model. Meaningful Moments is a family-centered concept that starts by learning everything there is to know about our residents – their passions, achievements, careers, family, hobbies, and interests. This knowledge allows our team members to develop individualized plans of care around each residents’ unique life story. Through our Meaningful Moments program, we are able to create moments of delight, wonder, and meaning for our residents while providing individual care each day.

Our Meaningful Moments program is built on five cornerstones: Programming, Family Partnerships, Education, Innovation, and Specialized Dining.

This blog post highlights the cornerstone of Family Partnerships – for more information on the other cornerstones of Meaningful Moments, please view our related posts below:

Meaningful Moments Cornerstones: Individualized Programming

Family Partnerships

Now, more than ever, Sinceri Senior Living is committed to building strong family partnerships and supporting the unique journey of each family through our Meaningful Moments program. Every JEA community offers educational presentations and support groups on a regular basis. We also provide a variety of informative literature on the dementia process, which includes helpful hints for families to create more meaningful interactions with their loved ones.

In addition, each community hosts a family orientation monthly. Family orientation is our way of sharing our commitment to those that have entrusted us with the care of their loved ones. Orientation includes an overview of the dementia process, how to create meaningful moments during visits with loved ones, along with what to expect and how you can partner with us in caring for your loved one.

Although family partnerships look a bit different in light of COVID-19, we want to share a Meaningful Moment that was experienced prior to physical-distancing guidelines. This story comes to us from Ponte Vedra Gardens Alzheimer’s Special Care Center, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida:

Ponte Vedra Gardens Resident, David Clarke and his wife Keith, were looking at Christmas cards one day in the community activity room when they came across one that sparked a memory. Of all the cards in their collection, they came across one from Beaches Habitat for Humanity. Years prior, David was involved with Beaches Habitat as a founding member of the organization.

As Keith and David reminisced about the Christmas card and David’s volunteerism with Beaches Habitat, caregiver Latricia Stewart came to check on David and heard this story. As the three visited some more, Latricia suddenly shared, “My mom received the second house built by Beaches Habitat for Humanity.”

Keith could not believe it! She remembered when David was involved in building this home for Latricia’s family and described the home exactly. Through this reminiscing activity and intentional effort to connect, Latricia found an even deeper bond she shared with the Clarke family. From this time on, David and Latricia have continued to talk and share a special connection.

resident and resident sitting side by side

A few weeks later while cleaning around the house, Keith found a plaque given to David for his service with Beaches Habitat. Upon further inspection, Keith discovered that this plaque was awarded to David, honoring him for the second home that he built while serving with Beaches Habitat for Humanity – the home David built for Latricia’s mother.

This year on Valentine’s Day, David and Keith gave Latricia a special plant during a visit. Keith also brought the plaque with her, and Latricia was able to learn more about the connection she shares with the Clarke family. Following her mother’s passing, Latricia now owns the home that David built for her family. Being able to reminisce and build a partnership with the Clarke family through David’s life story brought about fond memories of purpose, volunteerism, and joy for both he and his wife.

resident hugging family member

Interested in learning more about our Meaningful Moments program and how we build strong Family Partnerships?

Please contact your local community for information on our virtual support groups and dementia education resources. We look forward to speaking with you and providing support for you and your loved one

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