Meaningful Moments Cornerstones: Innovation

JEA’s Meaningful Moments® program is the foundation of our person-focused care model. Meaningful Moments is a family-centered concept that starts by learning everything there is to know about our residents – their passions, achievements, careers, family, hobbies, and interests. This knowledge allows our team members to develop individualized plans of care around each residents’ unique life story. Through our Meaningful Moments program, we are able to create moments of delight, wonder, and meaning for our residents while providing care each day. Our Meaningful Moments program is built on five cornerstones: Programming, Family Partnerships, Education, Innovation, and Specialized Dining.

This blog post highlights the cornerstone of Innovation – for more information on the other cornerstones of Meaningful Moments, please view our related posts below:


To deliver the best care for our residents and their families, Sinceri Senior Living is committed to innovation, adopting forward-thinking technologies, and new best practices. This includes the identification of health partners, technology companies, software providers, and other resources that help us enhance the care for those living with memory loss. It is our mission to Honor the Experience of Aging through Caring Together. We believe that our commitment to innovation as part of Meaningful Moments helps create more connectedness, deeper relationships, and greater life enrichment for our residents and their families. In sharing our methods of innovation, we would like to highlight our valuable health partners who make these positive outcomes possible through their tools and resources.

Smile® is a private online tool that allows us to increase family member engagement through the communication of resident activities and participation. With the Smile® activity tracker, our team is able to provide family member updates through messages, photos, and videos – highlighting the life-enriching activities that their loved ones are enjoying and how our team is creating Meaningful Moments with them. Information from the Smile® platform can also be used in reports and care plan meetings to help provide a holistic view of a resident’s wellbeing. Smile® also allows families to view upcoming events on our activity calendar and learn more about how they can be involved with our community events. By actively engaging our families and sharing their loved ones’ activities, we are able to create a strong partnership built on collaboration and communication.

As many families are aware, communication with loved ones becomes more difficult over time due to the disease process of many types of dementia (the Alzheimer’s Association has some great resources on communication). In order to combat this challenge and strive for stronger communication between our residents, their families, and our team members, we turned to Eversound to help amplify our interactions. Eversound’s wireless listening systems help improve communication for both those who are hearing impaired and/or living with dementia. These listening systems can be used for both individual/one-on-one communication and programming, or connected for group activities, music therapy, and much more. Since adopting Eversound in our communities, we have seen increased activity participation, moments of joy, and improved communication and understanding.

To help increase the knowledge base and understanding of the dementia process, our team recently partnered with AGE-u-cate to help our communities become Dementia Live Authorized Organizations. Dementia Live is an in-depth and immersive simulation of what it is like to live with dementia. Understanding the dementia process is important, but it is even more impactful for families, team members, and our health partners to experience a simulation of the symptoms. After going through dementia live training, many have noticed increased empathy, patience, and a greater understanding of those affected by dementia. This training process also allows our team members to more skillfully utilize their care techniques and interventions by understanding how a resident may be perceiving their environment and how to best communicate with them at the time.

All of these incredible tools are wonderful resources for our residents, families, and team members, but ultimately it is our desire to see the end of Alzheimer’s disease. This is why we are so passionate about increasing support and awareness of the Alzheimer’s Association. The Alzheimer’s Association provides research, help, and support, and local resources for families around the world, all focused around the common goal of ending Alzheimer’s.  Through our partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association as a National Walk to End Alzheimer’s Team, Sinceri Senior Living communities raised over $224,000.00 in support of Alzheimer’s Research in 2019 alone. We believe that through innovation, research, and family member support, the Alzheimer’s Association will find a cure to end Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information on how Sinceri Senior Living provides innovative, quality care, please reach out to your local community for resources, virtual support group info, and more –

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