Memory Care at Sinceri Senior Living

Specialized Programming to Uplift Those With Cognitive Needs

Do you have a loved one who is coping with the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or another type of cognitive change? Dementia impacts many American families. If it affects your life, it can be challenging to know where to turn to get your loved one the quality care and consistent support they need to live a life of contentment, safety, and security. Thankfully, Sinceri Senior Living is here to support families like yours, and to offer your loved one access to the comprehensive, specialized care they need in a community that feels like home.

At Sinceri, we understand that those experiencing cognitive changes remain unique, vibrant people, who deserve to be treated as the dynamic individuals they are. That’s why our signature memory care programming, Meaningful Moments, is designed to cater to more than just the cognitive needs of those we’re honored to serve.

We also take care to attend to the emotional needs of our memory care community members, in addition to supporting their physical safety, empowering their sense of freedom, and uplifting their quality of life with person-focused care that accounts for their personal preferences, feelings, and needs. That’s why Sinceri Senior Living is a top choice for families seeking the best in comprehensive, innovative memory care.

Why Choose Our Evermore Memory Care Neighborhood With Sinceri Senior Living

Memory care is the ideal level of senior living for older adults experiencing cognitive change. These individuals benefit from consistent support and care to complete their activities of daily living, remain safe and secure, and maintain their health and quality of life. For those living with dementia or other progressive neurological issues, memory care offers a familiar, supportive setting with care providers who are trained to provide round-the-clock assistance and support.

Sinceri Senior Living’s memory care communities go above and beyond the typical model for this level of care, to offer our valued memory care residents access to our signature programming, Meaningful Moments, and specialized care that empowers them to thrive.

Sinceri’s memory care also supports the loved ones of our residents, by removing stress, worry, and caregiving duties from your plate—allowing you to truly enjoy the time you spend with your loved one, free from these added burdens and concerns. Here, we care for your loved one as a member of our own family, and offer them the consideration, compassion, and respect they deserve, while helping them reconnect with their joy and purpose in life.

Memory Care Amenities and Activities

In addition to compassionate, respectful care, provided by considerate, trained healthcare providers, our Sinceri memory care community members also enjoy a wealth of life enrichment programs and amenities that will elevate your lifestyle. Those living with dementia and other cognitive challenges benefit greatly from appropriate stimulation. That’s why we maintain a full calendar of events and activities, to enhance our resident’s engagement, enjoyment, and sense of connection. We also prioritize socialization and companionship in our memory care communities, as social connection has been shown to promote enhanced cognition, memory, and overall quality of life in older adults. In addition to fostering strong connections between our residents and staff, friends and family members are also always welcome to visit and participate in our community. Our exciting, enjoyable lists of events and activities are customized at each Sinceri memory care community, but always include resident favorites like—
— Shopping trips
— Sightseeing drives
— Restaurant excursions
— Creative Expressions classes
— Movie nights
— Holiday celebrations
— Our Meaningful Moments ® memory care program with Evermore neighborhoods

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Memory Care Services From Sinceri Senior Living

At Sinceri Senior Living, our extensive memory care service offerings are designed to ensure all our residents live the lives they deserve—with comfort, security, and enjoyment to spare. Our Sinceri memory care services may include—
— Pre-admission home visit and assessment
— Specially trained staff to assist with all aspects of care while encouraging independence
— A fully supervised, success-oriented activities program
— Regularly scheduled social events with family involvement
— Three nutritious meals served daily, with snacks available throughout the day
— Supervised outings to nearby points of interest
— Furnished linens and routine housekeeping
— Comfortable, attractively decorated living rooms, activity rooms, and private areas
— Cable TV and fireplace in living rooms
— Beautifully landscaped secured courtyard with walking areas
— Individualized service plans
— Electronically monitored security system
— TV and phone outlets in all resident rooms
— Support groups, educational programs, and referral services

The Meaningful Moments ®  Memory Care Program

Sinceri Senior Living goes above and beyond for our memory care residents with our exclusive Meaningful Moments ® memory care program. This signature program offers comprehensive, science-backed life enrichment initiatives, created especially for those living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other forms of cognitive change. Designed to promote purposeful living at all ages and stages of life, the adaptive nature of this program allows us to meet our residents where they are and offer them what they need to thrive.

From safely navigating their environment to reaching their highest potential to simply supporting their enjoyment and engagement in daily life—Meaningful Moments helps our valued residents find deeper meaning in all aspects of their life. Meaningful Moments is built upon five pillars, which form the foundation of this wide-ranging program. These five cornerstones are—

Purposeful Programming

Planned or spontaneous, one-on-one or in a group—opportunities for meaningful moments are abundant in our Sinceri memory care communities.

Our caring team members encourage and facilitate purposeful interactions, to engage and uplift our residents throughout the day. We offer both structured and unstructured activities, designed to support our resident’s holistic wellbeing and nurture their sense of calm, purpose, and belonging.

Signature Dining

At Sinceri Senior Living, meaningful moments and engaging interactions continue during mealtimes!

Our Signature Dining element of Meaningful Moments embraces healthy meals and nutritious snacks to promote health and hydration throughout the day. We never let a moment for meaningful connection with your loved one pass us by!

Through Signature Dining, our team members create Meaningful Moments, maximize independence, and promote socialization in familiar, welcoming environments.

Training, Education, & Retention

At Sinceri, we highly value our team members as well as our residents. As a trusted national leader in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, we are committed to continual education and growth opportunities for all our team members.

With our strong onboarding processes and extensive Meaningful Moments training program, we keep new and practices for safety and engagement.

Involving resident’s families and sharing our educational resources with them allows us to partner with them in their loved one’s care. Family members are an integral component of Meaningful Moments and are invited to join us for family orientations and ongoing educational support groups.

Family Partnership

Entrusting a loved one’s care to someone can be a difficult decision for families to make.

As part of our Meaningful Moments program, we coach families through this transition and provide the resources to cope with this change.

Many family caregivers find they can reconnect with their loved one again on a deeper level, once they’ve entrusted daily caregiving responsibilities to us.

Our family partnerships allow us to give families a stronger and more positive relationship with their loved ones. Through care conferences and frequent communication via the Sagely app, we encourage families to stay as involved as possible as we partner to ensure your loved one’s holistic health and wellbeing.

Innovation & Wellness

As a leader in Alzheimer’s and dementia care provision, it is our goal to identify innovative platforms and programs to enhance the lives of our residents. These tools will continually evolve to match the needs of our residents and their unique disease processes.

At Sinceri, shared living in memory care fosters engagement in stimulating activities through cueing, revitalizing interest in former hobbies for residents experiencing cognitive challenges. This approach promotes socialization, stability with a regular routine, and companionship, countering loneliness and reducing the impact of sundowning symptoms, ultimately providing residents with a supportive environment where dignity and privacy are honored.

In supporting the whole person, we focus on providing the best quality of care, promoting independence, and helping each resident to be the very best that they can be.

With these five cornerstones in place, we’re ready to offer your loved one a life full of Meaningful Moments as a Sinceri memory care community resident.

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