Financial Resources

At Sinceri Senior Living, we recognize that finding the right senior living financing options can be a challenge for seniors and their families

In order to help as many seniors as possible, we’re pleased to offer the helpful financial tools below, in addition to our national partnership with Senior Living Financial Specialist.

For more information on available funding resources please check out our Funding Guide, which will provide you with information on all of the tools at your fingertips. You can also contact your local Sinceri Senior Living community to speak with our local teams for more information.

Senior Living Costs – What’s Included?

When residents or their families start the search for a senior living community, there are a lot of unknowns. It can be difficult to determine what’s included in the monthly rate for each community; especially when weighing your options, and each community is priced differently.

To take the guess work out of it, we’re proud to provide transparency in how we set our pricing – after all, that’s what you would expect from the company that treats residents and their loved ones, just like family.

Community Amenities + Floor Plan Options

All Sinceri Senior Living Communities charge monthly rent that is based on the amenities offered at the community, in addition to the apartment floor plan that is selected. Amenities can vary slightly for each community, but typically include basic services like resident programming/activities, dining services, housekeeping, utilities, and transportation.

Daily Living Support

For those in Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing communities, our clinical teams will conduct an assessment to determine overall care needs. Based on the results, we will share what care services will be provided to meet your loved one’s needs.

Community Fee

All Sinceri Senior Living Communities charge a one-time fee, which allows our clinical and administrative teams to prepare for the arrival of our new resident. This includes clinical assessments, obtaining necessary orders and paperwork, preparation of the resident room, and much more.

Calculate Your Monthly Expenses

Simply plug in your expenses and let the calculator do the rest.
The starting values are national averages.

Compare the cost of Home to the convenience of our Communities

Your loved one at Home

Your Responsibilities:

  • Mortgage / Rent
  • Car Insurance
  • Utilities
  • House Maintenance
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Caregiver


Your loved one at a Sinceri
Senior Living Community

Monthly Charge Benefits include:

Suite with utilities
24-hour Care
Medication management Meals Laundry

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