Our Partners

We recognize that it takes a team of experts to provide the highest quality care for our residents and their families. This is why we are proud to partner with the following individuals and organizations, who are world-class experts in their respective disciplines.


Sagely’s industry-leading engagement software platform enables our communities to develop optimized programs that deliver a new level of engagement for residents. Sagely’s Community App offers rich resident profiles and activity participation tracking that enable deep understanding of residents and their preferences. This empowers us to deliver purposeful programming that meets residents where they are.

Sagely helps streamline processes allowing our team members more quality time focusing on individual programming and wellness for residents and forming partnerships with families. Families can view activity calendars with Sagely’s Family App and receive real-time notifications and pictures of resident activity participation, as well as messages from the community. The app helps families feel more connected and have enhanced peace of mind.

Our strategic partnership with Sagely brings together our aligned missions to enhance resident engagement and wellness and allows us to present our residents with Meaningful Moments®.

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Eversound helps senior living communities empower residents to live with social connectedness through advanced listening technology and programming solutions. Our engagement solutions combat social isolation by facilitating person-centered resident experiences that may have been limited due to hearing impairment. With data-backed results showing significant improvements in engagement, understanding, and observed mood in memory care, Eversound’s advanced listening technology is proven to provide better outcomes in resident care and satisfaction. As the only provider of wireless listening technology specifically designed for seniors, Eversound helps residents communicate with their friends and loved ones while also breaking down barriers to connection. Eversound’s Premium Programming gives residents instant access to new experiences and quality activities that allow them to connect, learn and discover new interests from the comfort of their communities.

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Patriot Angels

helps veterans and their spouses/widows navigate their eligibility of service-earned benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs such as: Aid & Attendance, VA Healthcare, and VA Disability benefits. These programs can help senior veterans cover the cost of senior living by accessing the vital benefits that they have earned by serving their country.

Through our partnership with Patriot Angels, each Sinceri Senior Living community team is able to arrange a confidential, no-obligation preliminary interview to help senior veterans and their families determine if VA benefit assistance is a possibility for their circumstance.

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Viva Vita

Viva Vita makes it easy and accessible for seniors to travel, relax, and learn in virtual reality from the comfort of their residence. The company delivers cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) amenities tailored to senior living providers across the spectrum of care with the mission of improving the mental health and quality of life of their residents. Viva Vita’s unique VR offerings and experiences promote better brain health, social engagement, and mental wellness among seniors.

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Second Act Financial Services

Second Act gives seniors financial flexibility that allows them to transition to senior living first, and then focus on selling their home for the best price, or for the arrival of their veteran benefits. Second Act’s friendly Lending Chaperones help families across the USA access senior living with a Home Equity Line of Credit or an Unsecured Personal Loan that act as helpful bridge financing.  Second Act is a senior-focused division of Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B., a family owned bank in business since 1889, out of Wilmington Ohio.


LifeVac is a simple, safe, and effective Airway Clearance Device used to save a person’s life in a choking emergency. LifeVac uses a one-way valve system which means that when applied, air vents outside of the unit and not into the person who is choking. The rescue device uses a short burst of suction, with minimal air volume, to mimic a forceful cough. When the handle of the plunger is pushed down, air escapes out the sides of the valve; when the plunger handle is pulled back, negative pressure is generated, and it suctions out the lodged material. LifeVac’s Airway Clearance Device is essential for seniors in wheelchairs, as standard choking protocols cannot be performed. LifeVac is the only portable, non-invasive airway clearance device registered and fully regulated by the FDA as a class II suction device. The device can save all lives and is an essential tool to have in the event someone is choking.

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