Staying Connected through COVID-19

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our resident families and community leaders across the nation are coming up with creative ways to show appreciation for our amazing team members, help loved ones stay connected, and spread joy.

At Greenfield Estates in Copley, Ohio, Administrator, Alicia Davies, created a “shopping center” to provide essential items for their team members. This area includes home essentials, food goods, and even activities for children. What a wonderful way to show appreciation for those providing vital resident care during this challenging time.

“Shopping Center” for Greenfield Estates team members

To help families stay connected, team members from the Preserve at Beavercreek partnered with residents to send their family members messages of love. Using a whiteboard, camera, and our SMILE programming platform, team members were able to help residents and families communicate together. Rachel Mattingly, Program Director of the Preserve at Beavercreek shared, “This reminds us that there’s nothing more precious than the love shared between family. In moments, such as these, we remember exactly why we do what we do.”

Preserve at Beavercreek Residents sending messages to loved ones

Our communities have also been using digital resources to keep families connected. At Walnut Creek in Evansville, IN, team members have been coordinating video chats between residents and loved ones using Skype and Facetime. Laura Chamberlain, Community Resource Director at Walnut Creek shared, “While in-person visits are unable to occur right now, we have been reaching out to families with a video chat to stay connected. It is so important now, more than ever, that we do everything we can to help our residents feel safe and loved. Being able to have a conversation with the ones they love and seeing them smile helps us all forget what is going on in the world right now.”

Walnut Creek residents visiting with families via video chat

Several residents from our communities have enjoyed “visiting” with family members outside their windows. Using handmade signs and/or cell phones to communicate their message, families have shown their love and dedication to stay connected with their loved ones over time.

Preserve at Beavercreek resident visiting with family

Although we are isolating to prevent COVID-19, it is important – especially for our residents – to stay connected to one another. To help remind us of the importance of staying connected, here is a touching video of the Koenig Family and Walnut Creek resident, Paul.

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