The Benefits of Shared Living for Seniors

From the time we were small children, most of us were taught the value of sharing. At first, it was about sharing our toys. But as we grew up, we discovered another precious aspect of sharing: Spending time with family, friends, and other people we care about.

As the years go by, many of us never lose our social instincts and desire for companionship. But some become more private. If your older loved one is a “private person,” it’s only natural to honor their wishes and seek out a private living space in a senior living community. But sometimes the desire for privacy leads to a life of increasing reclusiveness.

What many people don’t realize is that some senior living communities offer shared accommodations. Here are some reasons why sharing a room or apartment with another resident might appeal to some seniors.

The benefits of shared living for seniors

Less loneliness, more enjoyment of life

Imagine your mom or dad having someone to share their day with, every day. In shared senior living, they’re not just getting a roommate; they’re gaining a buddy. Someone to laugh with over morning coffee, chat about their favorite TV shows, or reminisce about the ‘good old days.’ It’s like college dorm life, but with more wisdom and better stories! This companionship is a fantastic way to chase away loneliness.

A watchful eye gives families peace of mind

It’s natural to worry about your older parent when you’re not there. But guess what? With a roommate, there’s always someone there to keep an eye on things. If your mom loses track of her hearing aids or your dad’s feeling under the weather, there’s someone right there to help out, or call for help. It’s not about constant monitoring, but rather having a friend who cares and can give you a call if something’s not right.


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Attractive savings on the monthly fee

Let’s talk dollars and cents. Having your parent share a space means the costs get shared too. It’s like a buy-one-get-one deal on living expenses. This can mean a nicer place for them to live or extra cash for those fun extras – maybe more dinners out, or tickets to see their favorite band (again).

A life full of sharing

“Life is better shared” isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s true! Sharing their space means your mom or dad gets to share experiences, stories, and the little moments that make life rich. It’s about building a life that’s not just safer and more affordable, but also fuller and brighter.


Could shared senior living be the answer for your parent? It’s not just about saving money or having someone around; it’s about giving your mom or dad a chance to make new memories and friendships. And isn’t that what we all want for the people we love the most?

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