The Katy-Houston Area – A Town That’s Great for Seniors

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If you’re making a shortlist of the best places to retire, where you can find the right mix of culture, lively entertainment, learning and discovery, fabulous food, and the friendliest people, there’s one answer: the Katy-Houston area for seniors.

Helping people feel at home is part of the Katy-Houston history. And it’s still going strong today.

The Katy-Houston area: a bit of history

• The city of Katy is located off Interstate 10, at the three border intersections of Waller, Fort Bend, and Harris counties. It is 29 miles west of downtown Houston and was incorporated in 1945. The name “Katy” is from the “Missouri-Kansas-Texas-Railroad,” which was often referred to as the “K-T” railroad. Katy was first settled in the mid-1890s. For a long time, it was a favored and optimal rice farming community.

• The city of Houston was founded in 1836, and was the capital of the Republic of Texas from 1837 until 1839. As an inland port of the Gulf of Mexico, the greater Houston region spans three counties — Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery — in southeastern Texas. During the 1960’s Houston began to flourish as a major city, and Katy would soon follow suit, albeit on a smaller, more modest scale.

During World War II the shipbuilding industry became important for the area. Today the Katy-Houston area flourishes and is home to nationally recognized institutions including the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, the University of Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, various sports teams, and the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, home of both the world’s largest children’s hospital and cancer center.

The oil and gas industry remains the biggest economic driver in the area. Healthcare, biomedical research, and aerospace are also key industries, as are finance, higher education, real estate, retail, tourism, and manufacturing. Today, Houston is the most populated city in Texas and the fourth-largest city in the United States, while the city of Katy boasts a population of about 17,000, (although the greater Katy area is home to almost 350,000).

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Katy-Houston area for seniors: everything you need for a great retirement

It’s all here: world-class festivals and celebrations. Innovative dining and cuisine. Beautiful parks and natural areas just waiting to be explored. First-class museums and galleries. An inspiring spirit of pride and energy that can only be found in Texas, combining small-town charm with big city convenience for an unbeatable combination.

The Katy-Houston area for seniors is the perfect locale for relaxing, reconnecting, and rediscovering all that makes for a wonderful retirement. Sinceri Senior Living is the perfect launching pad.

A history of Sinceri Senior Living

Sinceri Senior Living is a premier, progressive senior living management company with over 35 years of experience, operating over 77 communities in more than 21 states across the U.S. We offer exemplary independent living, assisted living and memory care that goes above and beyond the standard expectation of service and care.

Our legacy started 35-years ago when our founder lost his own mother to Alzheimer’s disease. His discovery of the dearth of specialized dementia care options led him to develop a better care solution and resulted in the building of his first dedicated memory care community in Tumwater, Washington. This community would be the first in a portfolio of successful senior living communities nationwide, catering to individuals with memory loss through exceptional care, personalization, and engagement.

What really sets Sinceri Senior Living apart

Because our legacy and business model were family-founded, we understand the experience of aging, and how to honor your loved ones as they enter their golden years and beyond. In fact, “family” is a defining value woven into our very fabric.

Our team truly values getting to know residents on a deeper level so that they can honor them with dignified care that celebrates their lives and accomplishments, just as family would. The strong bonds between those who live and work at our communities allow residents to live life to the fullest as the self-actualized individuals they have spent their lives perfecting.

Continuous improvement is part of who we are. We are always looking for new ways to enhance the quality of life for each of our residents, and to help our families feel even more confident their loved ones are getting the care they deserve.

The Katy-Houston area for seniors and Sinceri Senior Living could be just what you and your family have been looking for.

The Katy-Houston area has so much to offer seniors. Ready to learn more and see our community for yourself? We invite you to schedule a time for a private tour today to get to know us and picture yourself at Sinceri Senior Living. Learn more about designing your life one day at a time in our free download, Just the Facts: Independent Living.

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