The Savings to Be Found in Shared Senior Living

If you’re concerned that moving to a senior living community is out of reach financially for your parent, think again. Some senior living communities offer their residents shared accommodations. It’s like having a roommate, but in a community that’s designed for the wellbeing of older adults. Find out how this can be a smart choice not only for your parents but for the wallet as well.

Why share a space?

Imagine your mom or dad living in a cozy apartment with someone their own age who has similar life experiences as they do. They can share stories, watch TV together, and just have someone familiar around. It’s like college dorm days, but with more wisdom and life stories!

Saving dollars makes sense

Now, let’s talk money. Shared living can be kinder to your bank account. Why? Well, when your parent shares a room, the cost is split. It’s like going out for dinner and splitting the bill – everyone pays less.

The same care, services, and amenities but at a more affordable rate

Just because a shared senior living resident is paying less than a private apartment resident doesn’t mean they’re getting less of the care, services, or amenities. They get all of it!

More than just sharing an apartment

Shared living isn’t just about sharing an apartment; it’s about sharing life. Your mom or dad can make new friends, join in activities, and their roommate and they can help each other out. It’s a community feeling that’s really something special.

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Peace of mind for you

If you’re like most adult children of a senior, you’re busy, right? Knowing that your parent has company and help when they need it can take a load off your mind. You want them to be safe and happy, and shared senior living offers that.

Think about the extras

In these communities, there’s more than just a room. There’s staff to help, meals made for them, and fun activities. It’s a package deal that can actually save you money in the long run.

Your parent maintains their independence

This is a big one. Your mom or dad still gets to live as independently as they’re able. They have their own space but with the bonus of a familiar buddy around. The helpful staff members are always nearby too. It’s like having their independence, but with a safety net.


So, what do you think? Shared senior living could be a great way for your parent to enjoy their golden years without breaking the bank. It’s about having a friend by their side, fun activities, and peace of mind for you. Remember, life is better when it’s shared!

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