Voting Resources for those in Senior Housing

With election day coming up soon, many are racing to the polls to cast their vote to ensure that their voices and preferences are heard. However, for those currently residing in senior housing during a global pandemic or those affected by cognitive impairment, including seniors affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, voting is a bit more challenging.

For those who still possess the capacity and right to vote in the upcoming election, there are many resources and accessibility options available to ensure that your ballot is counted. If you have a loved one affected by cognitive impairment or living in a senior housing community who would still like to participate in the upcoming election, here are a few resources that may be of assistance:

At Sinceri Senior Living, our Meaningful Moments program allows our residents to live their best lives with autonomy and freedom of preference, while our Team Members equip and empower them through holistic care and engaging programming. For many of our residents, voting has been viewed as part of their civic duty and a way for them to show their involvement and patriotism for our country.

Whether or not they intend to – or are able to vote this election season – we wanted to provide our residents with the experience of “voting” with some engaging festive Fall activities and contests. Here are some amazing recent events shared by our community teams:

Fall Creations from Magnolia Place

Angie Price, Program Director at Magnolia Place Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Rogers, Arkansas recently organized some amazing craft projects with residents. With engagement activities ranging from pumpkin painting to popsicle stick pumpkin crafts, Magnolia Place residents enjoyed a day of Fall fun and conversation while reminiscing together. The only voting here was on which colors to use when painting their pumpkins, and how many to make.

Caramel Apple Contest at Briar Glen

Meanwhile residents and Team Members at Briar Glen Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Hoover, Alabama were enjoying their caramel apple contest led by Program Director, Allie Walker. After gathering the ingredients including fall-fresh apples, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and of course, caramel; residents settled in to assemble their creative caramel concoctions. Once everyone was finished with their decorating, all of the Briar Glen residents voted for the yummiest fall apple. Check out the winning apple below with all of it’s decadent and delicious toppings.

Pumpkin Decorating at River Oaks

On a rainy day in October, there are not many things more fun than having a pumpkin decorating party! This is how residents at River Oaks Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Miami Township, Ohio recently spent a rainy October afternoon with Program Director, Megan Whitford. Everyone had a blast decorating pumpkins with funny and unique faces. To remind all of their Team Members of the importance of self-care, they created a “Self-Care-Crow”. This Self-Care-Crow reminds everyone to take care of themselves, stay positive, and have fun – like they always do at River Oaks! Their Self-Care-Crow was entered into consideration for voting in a community Scarecrow contest.

We hope that these fun activities and contests have brightened your day. Our residents sure enjoyed the opportunity to participate in these contests and share their opinion by voting for the winners.

Through active engagement and participation, we hope that all citizens across the country will also vote in the upcoming Election to have their voices heard. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate”.

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