What Services Do Memory Care Communities Provide?

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Modern memory care communities offer seniors living with dementia a variety of services and amenities designed to create a healthy and engaging lifestyle within a safe and secure environment. When comparing memory care communities, it’s essential to know all the dementia-specific services provided and how they can make the difference between a good community and a great one.

Services memory care communities provide

Hands-on care

At the basic level, quality memory care communities provide daily assistance with activities of daily living like dressing, personal hygiene and medication management. They also take care of laundry and linen and provide regular housekeeping services.

The best memory care communities like Sinceri Senior Living, however, provide all that and more. Our Mission is to provide care that is on par with the care our residents would receive from their families. We work to build trust through relationships based on respect, dignity and autonomy so every resident feels loved and cared for every day.

Dementia-specific programming

Most memory care communities provide different activities that keep residents engaged. Typically, these include arts and crafts, games and puzzles, and other simple pastimes most seniors with memory loss will enjoy.

At Sinceri Senior Living, our residents also benefit from dementia-specific activities we call Purposeful Programming which is a key component of our comprehensive Meaningful Moments® program. As noted in our blog, “What Is Personalized Memory Care?” Purposeful Programming is a highly personalized approach to dementia care that is based on each resident’s life, experiences and preferences. It also includes a conscious effort on the part of staff to get to know each resident by spending time with them doing activities and attending events.

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Therapeutic options

Research has found certain therapies can slow the progression of dementia and help seniors enjoy more independence so top memory care communities may offer one or more. According to our blog, “Nurturing Memories: How Memory Care Programs Enhance Quality of Life for Seniors with Dementia” these therapies are used in addition to medications to stimulate cognition and manage emotional and behavioral problems that are common among seniors with dementia.

The most basic therapies used in memory care communities are physical, occupational and speech therapy, but at Sinceri we go beyond the basics. Way beyond!

Our therapy programming includes music therapy, art therapy, reminiscence therapy and animal-assisted therapy. Each resident can enjoy the therapies that best fit their personal needs and that help to minimize problems associated with dementia like depression or anxiety, socialization, communication, moods, behavior problems, and self-esteem.

Attention to nutrition

Despite a long history of less-than-palatable meals, today, most memory care communities have set a high bar for providing chef-inspired meals that are both delicious and nutritious. But just serving great meals is not enough when it comes to seniors with dementia.

At Sinceri we know dementia can impact eating on many levels making it difficult to ensure a senior gets all the important nutrients they need to thrive. For that reason, we created Signature Dining, another element of our Meaningful Moments® program. As noted in our blog, “Meaningful Moments Cornerstones: Specialized Dining,” Signature Dining addresses every aspect of mealtime from visual concerns to socialization to special dietary needs and preferences. We also take care to have staff available to assist residents with eating so they can enjoy all the benefits of great food and excellent nutrition.

Around-the-clock safety and security

One of the greatest needs families have is a safe and secure home for their loved ones with dementia. As a result, most memory care communities provide a high level of safety and security to keep residents safe within the community and unable to wander away unattended. Our blog “Safety and Security in Senior Living,” looks in-depth at what to expect from senior living communities from accessibility to emergency preparedness to lighting and fire safety.

Family partnership and support

Another important area to compare among senior living communities is the level of family involvement allowed. Most families want to remain a part of their loved ones’ life and truly appreciate being included in activities and events whenever possible. If families are restricted or discouraged from visiting, it may be a sign of problems ahead.

Family support and inclusion are another cornerstone of our Meaningful Moments® program. From day one we partner with our residents’ families and strive to continually inform and update them concerning their loved one’s well-being. In addition, we also help families navigate dementia through support groups, educational programs and general information like that provided in our blog, “5 Tips for Visiting Someone with Dementia in Memory Care.”

At Sinceri Senior Living we know the importance of caring for each memory care resident as a unique and special individual. Contact us to learn more and schedule a tour. Download our free guide, “Just the Facts: Memory Care” for more information about senior living memory care communities.

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