Why Senior Living Is Stress-Free Living!

1122 Why Senior Living Is Stress Free Living

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate just how stress-free senior living is until you’ve actually moved into a senior living community. 

People who’ve made the move often experience these benefits: 

  • A home that’s easy to get around and age-friendly (no more stairs!) 
  • The privacy of your own apartment 
  • The opportunity to connect with other like-minded neighbors  
  • A full slate of community activities that you can take part in as much or as little as you’d like (i.e. you won’t be stuck for options when it comes to filling your day) 
  • More time to focus on activities you enjoy and less on chores that have become tedious or difficult as you’ve gotten older 
  • No need to continue doing your own grocery shopping or cooking if you don’t want to  
  • You won’t need to eat alone either 
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing health care staff are available 24/7 should you need them 
  • Help with personal care (e.g. morning routine, showers/baths) if needed 
  • The opportunity to enjoy your time with family when they come to visit instead of having to rely on them for help 

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One of the reasons some people move to senior living is that they don’t want their adult kids to worry about them. Once they’ve settled into a senior living community, their families can often breathe a sigh of relief. It unburdens families of many of the stresses of caregiving. In this way, senior living can be stress-free for them as well. 

This is especially true if they have a parent with dementia. A senior living community with memory care can provide around-the-clock care for residents in a safe, secure, dementia-friendly environment. Support staff is trained to help with any number of dementia-related problems (e.g. increased frustration; uncharacteristic behaviors; disorientation to time, place, or people) meaning that families no longer have to cope on their own. 

Senior living can also reduce stress when a senior is discharged from the hospital. Some communities offer short-term stays which give seniors a place to convalesce from surgery until they can return home. If a family needs a break from caregiving, short-term respite stays may be available as well. 

As you age, living in your current home can become a struggle. You may be inclined to tough it out, to downplay the stress you and your family are under. People who’ve made the move to senior living often look back on these difficult days and wonder why they persevered so long. In hindsight, they recognize they were simply surviving instead of truly living.  


Not sure which senior living option will best suit you or someone you know? Our Complete Guide to Choosing Between Senior Living Options will help you decide.   

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