Your First 100 Days in Your New Home at Sinceri Senior Living

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Your new home at Sinceri Senior Living is only days away and it’s natural to feel nervous when you first move to a senior living community. There may be all sorts of questions going through your head. Will it truly feel like home? Will I be able to make new friends? Will I like the food? 

At Sinceri Senior Living, our staff go out of their way to help you feel at home in your new digs. We recognize you just went through a major move. It’s going to take some time to adjust. We’ll help you settle in at your own pace. 

Your new home at Sinceri Senior Living: Here are some significant milestones you can anticipate during your first 100 days.  


One of the first milestones in the settling in process is unpacking your things and arranging your furniture. If you’re lucky, you’ll get this done shortly after you arrive, but if it takes you longer, that’s okay. Sometimes arranging your suite just the way you like it can take a little bit of experimentation. 


First meal 

Your first meal is another significant milestone. We understand that food is an important of everyone’s day, which is why we place a lot of emphasis on preparing great-tasting, nutritious meals that taste good. If you have special dietary needs, we’ll take care to accommodate them.   

But of course, another important part of meals is the social aspect. When you first sit down with other members of the community to eat, you may feel a little bit like the “new kid” at first. Don’t worry. Over time you’ll likely find your crowd. You might want to seek out other new residents if you’re hesitant about introducing yourself to an existing social circle. Also, keep in mind that everyone in the community had a first day, so you should be able to find other residents who can empathize and welcome you into the fold. 

Finding your way around 

It may also take a little time to find your way around the community at first. That’s normal. Your first few days may be focused on sorting out your new apartment. And you’ll quickly find your way to the dining room. But within the first few weeks, you’ll get a better sense of different amenities and activity spaces within the building. You should also start to get a better feel for the surrounding neighborhood – nearby stores, coffee shops, and the like. 

Trying out activities and groups 

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in various groups in our communities. Try one on for size. It’s a great way of meeting other community members who have similar interests to yours.  

Group outings are another great way to meet new people. It might be an outing to a special event or for shopping. Either way, you can leave the driving to us. 


Not sure which senior living option will suit you best? Our Complete Guide to Choosing Between Senior Living Options will help you decide.   

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